Green Holidays

The Waterways of the UK provide one of the most relaxing and rewarding holidays around and they are also one of the 'greenest'.

Starting the moment you board your floating home, a holiday cruising through some of the country's most breathtaking scenery, working the locks or sitting back with a glass of wine won't 'cost' the earth. 

Here at ABC Boat Hire, not only do we care about the time you enjoy on the boat, we are also interested in the wellbeing of the waterways environment and other precious wildlife that will help to make your holiday so special. 

Sustaining the environment

A narrowboat holiday on the UK canals and rivers is the perfect way to explore the beautiful countryside of England, Wales & Scotland.

Enjoyment of the holiday depends upon the sustainability of the canals, the towpaths and the countryside itself. Your narrowboat holiday is a very low carbon holiday.

At ABC Boat Hire we are proud to provide a holiday which has minimal impact on the environment. A boating holiday is estimated to be some 20 times better for the planet than spending two hours flying for a holiday overseas. As soon as you swap your car for a boat, you’ll be using a third of the fuel and emitting a fifth of the pollution. (Source: CRT).

We consider all aspects of our operations and are undergoing a process of environmental impact minimisation throughout the organisation, wherever feasible. 

We undertake a number of environmentally friendly activities which include the following:

► All holiday documents such as confirmations and directions are sent over e-mail where possible. 

► Boats are fitted with long life oil filters requiring only one oil change each year, reducing waste oil quantities.

► Efficient modern diesel engines

► Plentiful supply of hot water produced as a by-product from the cooling system of the engine.

► Boats provided with Ecover washing up liquid and our cleaners use a Diversy Leaver cleaning system. These reduce packaging waste and are completely and immediately biodegradable which has minimum effect on aquatic life.

► We encourage guests to bring eco friendly products with them, such as toiletries that don’t harm aquatic life.


Green Donation

This is a voluntary donation (suggested £5.00 per holiday) to offset the impact of your holiday and travel to the start base.

Your donation will go to the Canal & River Trust, who through their Green Plan promote and protect Britain's waterways.

In supporting this we are both being environmentally responsible in a way that directly benefits the waterways upon which your boating holiday has been taken, and which will help sustain and improve them for future enjoyment. 

To donate, simply enter the amount on your booking form when you book.