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Forth and Clyde Boating Holidays

Explore the lowlands of Scotland with easy cruising and very few locks and experience the incredible Falkirk Wheel, linking the Union Canal and the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Phone: 01324 627212
Phone to book: 0330 3330 590
Address: Falkirk Base, Scotland, FK1 4RS
Berths: 2-8

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A map will be given to you upon arrival, alternatively you can download the Waternav App: E10 for your smartphone.

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The Scottish Lowland Canals are quite different from the canals typical of England and Wales/ The Forth and Clyde is much wider than the average English canal. The Union Canal is a contour canal and has no locks at all or bridges that have to be opened. 

At a quarter of the cost of the overall £84.5 million project, the Falkirk Wheel is the most significant structure so far, but only one link in the scheme involving rebuilding bridges, clearing blockages and cutting new stretched of canal.

Scottish Canals staff currently operate all of the locks and bridges and boaters are not allowed to operate the locks themselves, although help is happily accepted.

For more facts and figures visit or call 01324 619888, but in summary the 25m level difference between the canals is traversed via a pair of gondolas which carry 600 tonnes of water to the 100m aqueduct at the top of the 35m diameter wheel.

Rover Ticket at Falkirk

A Rover Ticket will be charged by Scottish Canals for use of the canals.

This will be a flat charge of £25 for any holiday over 3 nights. If your trip is 3 days or less, you will be charged £15. This ticket will be administered by Scottish Canals and payable on the first day of your holiday via the Falkirk Office.



For directions by road from Edinburgh and Glasgow, please click here.


Landing at either Edinburgh or Glasgow airport you can take a bus to the city centre and then a train as above. From Edinbugh airport a taxi directly to Falkirk takes about 30 minutes.


From Glasgow Queen Street or Edinburgh station take a train to either Falkirk High or Falkirk Grahamston station (about 30 minutes). The most frequent service is to Falkirk High Station. Either station in Falkirk is a short taxi journey to the Falkirk Wheel.


Here are some useful resources for information regarding Falkirk Marina.

Train times & tickets
Glasgow Airport
Edinburgh Airport


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Featured Routes

Featured routes from Falkirk, Forth and Clyde

Bowling & return

The Forth & Clyde Canal follows the Clyde Estuary all the way down to the old ship building village of Bowling - a pleasant boating haven.

best canals in uk
Edinburgh and Glasgow

Complete the width of Scotland, and back, visiting both cities in a one week holiday. 


Short Breaks

The following are suggested routes for short break canal holidays from Falkirk

Edinburgh & return

Start your trip by going on the amazing Falkirk Wheel, experience aqueducts and

Glasgow & return

The majestic Campsie Fells rise from the valley that the canal shares with the River Kelvin and the scenery is superb as the canal then follows contours for the rest of its journey to Glasgow.


Featured Boats

Featured Boats from Falkirk, Forth and Clyde

Six to eight berth Boats

Alvechurch Lark

Max: 6 People

Length: 66ft (63ft from Falkirk)

More Information
Alvechurch Sanderling

Max: 8 People

Length: 60ft

More Information
Alvechurch Sandpiper

Max: 6 People

Length: 63ft

More Information
Falkirk Mist

Max: 8 People

Length: 63ft

More Information
Falkirk Spirit

Max: 6 People

Length: 57ft

More Information

Two to Five berth Boats

Alvechurch Wren

Max: 4 People

Length: 47ft

More Information