Pet Friendly Holidays

This really is a holiday the whole family can enjoy together. Here at ABC, we love pets and encourage you to bring them along so they can enjoy Britain's waterways just as much as you!

First pet goes free!

Since we all love animals so much, we have decided that's it's only fitting to allow your extra family member on board free of charge. There is no fee for your first pet. 

If you have more than one pet, you will be charged £30 for the second one. We normally only aaccept a maximum of 2 pets on board each boat. 


Most dogs love the canal boating experience and will generally take to it like a duck to water, however here are a few tips to help with getting them ship shape and keeping them happy.

1. Bring your dogs bed! Although dogs can literally sleep anywhere, nothing beats the comfort of their own bed. 

2. Bring a harness rather than a lead. If your dog is a little clumsy and fall in the canal, it'll be much better for the dog if he's on a harness rather than a lead.

3. Be mindful of the wildlife around you - The canal is full of animals and wildlife and dogs tend to get over excited with the prospect of making new friends.

4. Try not to let your dog drink the canal water - It's quite mucky. 

Give your dog a break

A blog by Harry Arnold for Towpath Talk

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