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Wildlife on the Canals

Britain’s rivers and canals have become a vast network providing a haven for our wildlife. 

Our waterways are teeming with creatures waiting to be discovered and what better way to observe them than from the comfort of a slow cruising narrow boat?  It may seem unusual for a man made structure to become a natural habitat, however wildlife surveys have proved that this is the case. Even throughout the most urban of areas, these simulated wetlands attract all different kinds of wildlife, some of which you might not expect.

From hedgehogs to herons, these beautiful creatures of nature provide an interesting backdrop to your holiday.  Along the towpath, you will often find nesting birds, sheltering mice, frogs, toads and then burrowing in the canal banks you might be lucky enough to spot a water vole.  As the environment allows plenty of wild plants and flowers to grow, consequently this attracts large numbers of insects, vital to the survival of the rest of the eco system surrounding the areas.

Due to this abundant food supply sustained by the canal and rivers, surveyors have been able to spot badgers, squirrels, dragonflies, grass snakes, kingfishers and bats to name a few.

In a country with an ever expanding population and housing developments springing up in previously rural areas, these sanctuaries are fundamental to the continued existence of our wildlife and we ourselves have a commitment to protecting Britain’s waterways.  

Should you like to contribute, you are welcome to add a small donation to your holiday total for the Canal and River Trust to offset the environmental impact of your holiday.