Travel Cots

If you're travelling with your child and you require the facility of a travel cot, please read below carefully in order to find out which of our boats can accommodate them comfortably and safely. 

What type can I bring on board?

Due to the limited space on board a narrow boat, not all travel cots will fit the available width area safely, as there needs to be a suitable amount of space to the side of it to allow your crew to get past in case of an emergency. 

The travel cot can only be placed where the dining table is situated.

This will provide enough space for a cot similar in size to the one featured in our photos on this page. It's size is 109cm (L) x 77cm (W).

What boats can accommodate?

The following boats are able to accommodate a travel cot similar in size to the one featured on this page. 

Swan - Owl - WagtailWoodpecker - Dove* - Duck - TernSwallow

*Except from Gailey