Get the ABC App

When you book your holiday with us, we'll send you the details to download the ABC Boat Hire smart phone app. 

The ABC app is personalised to your holiday, so it will show you how long until your adventure starts with a handy countdown. You also get a map with highlighted local attractions you'll find along your route, videos such as The Boaters Handbook DVD and our own video showing you what it's like being on a canal boat holiday with ABC as well as other bits of useful information for your holiday that you can access whenever you want and from wherever you are. 

Getting your free app is easy.

To get the free ABC app, you need to have either an Android or iOS smartphone with atleast 40mb of space free in order to download and install it.

Once you have made a booking with us and indicated on the form that you'd like our free app, follow the steps below.

Step One
Open your Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store and search for 'ABC Boat Hire' and look for the app icon pictured below. Install the app.

Step Two
Open the app and you'll be presented with the welcome screen where it'll ask for your User ID and Passcode

The User ID is BOA and your passcode is the first two letters from your surname followed by your unique 6 digit booking reference number.

You simply need to request your personalised app on the booking form. If you cannot log in, it's possible that you have not given us the required consent to set it up - In which case, e-mail with your reference number asking us to set you up on the app.