All of our boats have Wi-Fi installed on them. 

Please bear in mind that access to the internet is totally reliant on it being able to connect to the mobile telephone network.

Without access to that network there will be no connection, and this connection cannot be guaranteed at any time.

New for 2024 - Unlimited Data!

Each mobile device, laptop computer, tablet, mobile phone, gaming machine or any other device that has Wi-Fi as part of its hardware set up can access the Wi-Fi device on board the boat.

When one of our engineers is walking you through the boat on your technical handover, they will also show you how to activate and take advantage of the free wi-fi on board. 

Once your device has connected to the boats wi-fi network, you will have access to unlimited free data.

The free data provided for your holiday should be sufficient for internet browsing or emailing however speeds may vary if you are downloading or streaming videos.