Free Wi-Fi

How does the free Wi-Fi work?

The first thing to note is that access to the internet over the installed device is totally reliant on it being able to connect to the mobile telephone network. Without access to that network there will be no connection, and this connection cannot be guaranteed at any time.

Each mobile device, laptop computer, tablet, mobile phone, gaming machine or any other device that has Wi-Fi as part of its hardware set up can access the Wi-Fi device on board the boat. There are two levels of access and password protection: The first level connects your device to the Wi-Fi unit on the boat. Users will need to select the appropriate network from the list presented on their own device. This will be identified by the name of your boat, and the password is the boat’s Canal and River Trust Number.

For example the boat “Turtle Dove” whose CRT Number is 520683. You need to enter CRT520683. Your boats CRT number can be found on the outside of your boat.

Once your device is connected to the on board Wi-Fi network, you will only be able to access the internet once your personal username and password has been entered. Your personal username is the surname used to make the booking of the boat. This must be entered in the same format as on your booking confirmation and is case sensitive. The password is the booking reference that you will have been provided with at the time of making the booking and also on your booking confirmation paperwork.

This will give you access to the allotted amount of free data for your holiday, which is 4GB per week or pro rata 570 MB per day. However the allowance is not restricted per day. The amount of free data provided at the start of your holiday should be sufficient for internet browsing or emailing but may not last long if you are downloading or streaming.

What happens if I run out?

When you get close to using your entire allowance of free data for your holiday period you will receive a warning on screen explaining that the free data remaining is low, and a screen will offer you the option to purchase extra data if you wish. There will be no obligation to do so, and once you have used all your free allocation you will no longer be able to access the internet.

The cost to purchase more data is 2.5p per MB, or £25 per GB.

The on screen instructions will guide you through the top up process. It should be noted that legislation requires our provider to monitor all internet activity, and visits to inappropriate websites may be blocked.

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