Our Boats

All boats are hand crafted, right here in the UK

All of our marinas are regularly inspected by the tourist boards for England, Scotland and Wales.

Our boats have been individually hand made in this country and have unique interiors with different styles.

For specific advice on boats layouts, please contact the marina directly.


Choose from a range of hand built boats. There's something for every occasion.

Two to Five berth

With accommodation for up to 5 people, these boats are perfect for couples or smaller family-sized parties.

View Two to Five berth boats

Six to eight berth

These boats accommodate between 6 and 8 people and are popular with larger families and groups.

View Six to eight berth boats

Up to twelve berth

With space for up to 12 people, if you're planning a multi-family holiday or big celebration, these are the boats for you.

View Up to twelve berth boats