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Issued 5th September 2018

We now expect the Forth & Clyde route to Glasgow to be accessible again for Easter 2019.

– Issued 5th March 2018

We have now received confirmation that the Twechar and Bonnybridge lift bridges will remain inoperable this season, so access to Glasgow is not possible. However all other routes to the magnificent Kelpies and historic Edinburgh are all available and you can still experience the incredible Falkirk Wheel.

- Issued 8th February 2018

Late last week Scottish Canals advised us of a temporary closure of the Forth & Clyde Canal between the Twechar and Bonnybridge lift bridges.

The closure was as a result of recent inspections which showed that the mechanisms of these bridges have now reached a point where Scottish Canals believes their operation could pose a risk to public safety. Scottish Canals are not able to give us any definitive timescales of when the temporary closure will be lifted. The initial estimates are between 10 and 30 weeks.

There is still cruising available from our base at The Falkirk Wheel to Edinburgh city centre. You can also still visit the magnificent Kelpies. To help you plan your route, The Lowland Canals skippers guide from Scottish Canals - including a detailed map - can be found here. We are sorry we cannot provide any more detail at this time, you can check the latest announcements regarding this closure on the Scottish Canals website ( We will post further details as we receive them. Updated: 08 February 2018

Explore the lowlands of Scotland with easy cruising and very few locks and experience the incredible Falkirk Wheel, linking the Union Canal and the Forth and Clyde Canal.

The Scottish Lowland Canals are quite different from the canals typical of England and Wales/ The Forth and Clyde is much wider than the average English canal. The Union Canal is a contour canal and has no locks at all or bridges that have to be opened. Canal and River Trust staff currently operate all of the locks and bridges and boaters are not allowed to operate the locks themselves, although help is happily accepted. 

Between Falkirk and Glasgow there are four locks and three road bridges, with a further eighteen locks and a number of pedestrian bridges between Glasgow and the Clyde at Bowling. Both the Forth and Clyde and Union Canals were closed in the early 1960's and it was not until lottery funding was obtained in 1999 that restoration works rejoined the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh by canal. 

At a quarter of the cost of the overall £84.5 million project, the Falkirk Wheel is the most significant structure so far, but only one link in the scheme involving rebuilding bridges, clearing blockages and cutting new stretched of canal. For more facts and figures visit or call 01324 619888, but in summary the 25m level difference between the canals is traversed via a pair of gondolas which carry 600 tonnes of water to the 100m aqueduct at the top of the 35m diameter wheel.

ROVER TICKET - Not being collected in 2018

If traveling from Falkirk a rover ticket will be charged by Scottish Canals for use of the canals. This will be a flat charge of £25 for any holiday over three nights. Use up to three days will be charged at £15. This ticket will be administered by Scottish Canals through their website and office. Payment will be taken on the first day of the holiday at the office in Falkirk.

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The following are suggested canal boating routes that you can take from Falkirk:

Edinburgh and Glasgow

Bowling and return

The following are suggested short break canal holidays that you can take from Falkirk:

Glasgow and return

Edinburgh and return

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