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Header photo credit: Canal & River Trust

History of the Black Country canals

When you think of the Black Country canals, you most likely will have an image of a smokey industrial landscape, you may even picture a gang of peaky blinders roaming around the coal-stained canal side. The canals, which used to be hubs for bustling industry and trade, have now become sceneries of wildlife and tranquility. Have you ever wondered, how exactly this transformation even happened? Read...

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A guide to Stratford canals

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On our Stratford routes, you can cruise through the heart of England, and experience the rich cultural history of our isles. It’s no wonder why Stratford-Upon-Avon attracts so many visitors each year, as there is an abundance of beautiful scenery and marvellous industrial architecture to enjoy. Those who want to relax and unwind will also be pleased, as there is plenty of options for pub lovers....

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A guide to Warwickshire canal boat routes

If you're thinking about going on a canal boat holiday in Warwickshire, ABC Boat Hire has all the inspiration you'll ever need. Start your adventure from our Warwickshire-based marinas, where you can put your helmsman’s skills to the test by navigating numerous aqueducts, lock flights, staircases and tunnels. As you sail along the waterways, there are plenty of towns and cities to stop off at and...

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Top routes for canal boat overnight stays

Hop on a canal boat this weekend and discover a wide range of scenic routes across the UK. With our narrowboat overnight stays, you can explore the picturesque sights of Falkirk and get lost in the leafiness of the countryside. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can delve into the hustle and bustle of our Birmingham route and glide peacefully out of Alvechurch Marina. Read through our recommendatio...

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A guide to the Kennet and Avon canal routes

Looking for a picture-perfect getaway down the waterways? Then the Kennet and Avon canal routes is an ideal escape. Here, you will find a great balance of beautiful greenery and wildlife as well as thrilling things to do. This route is perhaps one of our most versatile, as you can experience both bustling cities and quiet market towns. Check out our Kennet and Avon canal map to start planning your...

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Difference between barges and narrowboats

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To many people, barges and narrowboats seem like the same thing. Both travel on water and both are long, narrow vessels which are typically used for transport. But there are definitive key differences between barges and narrowboats which mostly comes down to size. Read on to find out more and learn about how to book your next canal boat holiday with us. Narrowboats vs barges The main difference...

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A guide to canal boat holidays in Yorkshire

Boasting some of Britain’s finest scenery, charming towns and an ancient canal network, Yorkshire is a fantastic destination for a canal boat holiday. Whether you want to cruise along the Pennine waterways or stop off at some cities along the way, ABC Boat Hire has you covered with the best things to see and do. Here’s our guide to canal boat holidays in Yorkshire. What to do in Yorkshire From f...

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A guide to the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal

Looking for a peaceful yet stunning getaway floating down the waterways? No route could be more perfect than the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal, or the Mon and Brec canal for short! But what makes this Welsh route so tranquil? Unlike any other waterways in the UK, the Brecon Beacons canal is not connected to the main canal network – which makes it significantly quieter than other canals with less...

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Guide to UK marinas

Interested in booking your next canal boat holiday? Or perhaps you’re considering living on a canal boat? Find out exactly what a canal boat marina is, and what you can expect to find there – including services such as plumbing, fuel, gas, water and more! What is a marina? A marina is a specifically designed harbour with moorings for boats. A canal marina is a common staple on the British waterw...

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Living on a narrowboat in retirement

Are you looking for a change of pace in your retirement? A life of idly floating down the waterways might be the lifestyle for you. Let our guide on the pros and cons of living on a narrowboat in retirement help make your decision. How to live on a canal boat Deciding to pack your old life up and exchange it for one of blissful sailing is a big decision, and one that you may find hard to navigat...

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