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The history of canal boat families

The Industrial Revolution brought about the use of canal boats to transport goods across the country, and as this network of canals developed, people began to live on the canals as it allowed them to stay close to their work. In this blog, we’ll explore canal boat family history, what life was like for families living on the canal in the 18th and 19th centuries and the legacy they’ve left behind....

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Top Canal Festivals to Visit

Throughout the year, canals up and down the UK are host to a variety of festivals and events from floating markets, international music and food. So, if you’re looking for a festival to attend on your trip through the waterways – we’ve narrowed it down to help make your choice easier. Rickmansworth Canal Festival The Rickmansworth Canal Festival takes place on the third weekend of May, every yea...

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Things to do in coventry via canal

Designed in 1768, the bustling Coventry canal was originally built to assist with supplying coal from Warwickshire’s coalfields into Coventry. Today, this tranquil waterway situated in the heart of the city offers rich heritage, marvellous canal architecture, fascinating wildlife and plenty of scenery and culture to explore.   For Couples Established in 2013, The Tin Music and Arts centre is loc...

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Best canal-side villages and towns to visit in England

best canals in uk

One of the highlights of exploring the waterways is the picturesque towns and villages you’ll cruise past on your journey. But, how do you know which towns to stop off at? We’ve listed our top canal-side towns and villages to visit on your next canal boat holiday.   Stratford Upon Avon The home of Shakespeare, this picturesque market town in Warwickshire is the perfect stop for your next canal...

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Canal Art Trails across the UK

In recent years canal art trails have popped up across the UK in order to celebrate the local art scene, culture and creativity. Canal art trails often feature a diverse range of art forms like murals, sculptures and installations. In this guide, we’ll share some of our favourite canal art trails across the UK as well as the routes where you can see them. Leicester art trail The Leicester Canal...

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A guide to canal signs

celebrity 5 go barging

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the signs you may encounter while cruising along the waterways. By learning about the types of signs to look out for, you and your crew will be more aware of any potential dangers and navigational rules. Lock signs If you’re navigating any hilly areas via canal, you’ll likely need to travel through a lock. This might seem daunting if it’s not somethi...

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A guide to narrowboat interior

Looking for your ideal narrowboat holiday but not sure where to start? Here at ABC Boat Hire, we have seen our fair share of narrowboats and have a keen eye for what the ideal narrowboat looks like, along with some of the best featured routes and short breaks to choose from. Read our guide learn more. Narrowboats Narrowboats typically fall into three categories: Traditional – provides enough...

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Things to in Leicester via canal

The Leicester Line is comprised of two canals bought by the Grand Junction Canal 1894 - The Leicestershire & Northamptonshire Union Canal and the ‘Old’ Grand Union Canal. Today, the Grand Union Canal Leicester Line is a popular destination for holidaymakers and boaters. With plenty to see and do - the city is full of history, culture and greenery to explore. For Boaters Foxton Locks Known as th...

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A Day in the Life with Gone With the Wynns

Earlier this month travel bloggers Gone With The Wynns embarked on their latest adventure as they explored Llangollen via canal from Blackwater Meadow Marina. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the couple and their guide, David from Cruising the Cut and if you want to follow in their footsteps, we’ll share everything you need to know about their route.   Gone with the Wynns Gone with the Wynns...

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Unusual things to do in Oxford Via Canal

Similarly, to Cambridge, Oxford is a city in the South of England established by its famous University. Originally an important port on the River Thames, Oxford expanded and connected to the midlands through a network of canals in the 18th century. Today Oxford’s waterways are a popular tourist attraction with plenty of opportunities for boating, fishing and other recreational activities. In this...

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