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Narrowboat Space Saving Ideas

Those who live on a canal boat will tell you that one of the hardest aspects of the narrowboat layout is finding room for all your stuff. That’s often why people often opt for narrowboat holidays rather than living on canal boats. However, every boat owner will have their own methods of saving space – but we have a compiled a list of the very best ones to help you minimise your clutter if you’re...

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100 canal locks to honour Captain Tom

peaky blinders filming locations

In light of the unfortunate passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore – who raised almost £33m for charities supporting the NHS during his last year – his family have encouraged people to take on a “100” challenge of their own. This challenge will fall on the bank holiday weekend – between 30th April – 3rd May – as this would have been Tom’s 101st birthday. The family, especially his daughter Hannah Ingra...

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These are the Best UK Locations For Spotting Stunning Rare Wildlife

The UK is absolutely brimming with stunning holiday locations, all right on our doorstep. Not only stunning cities and beaches, but also beautiful woodland, filled with British wildlife. From red squirrels and bats to water voles and turtle doves, nature in the UK is both fascinating and adorable. However, due to dwindling numbers, some of the most stunning creatures in our Country can only be sp...

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How long is it from Birmingham to London by canal?

If you cruised the entire 137 miles by canal from Birmingham to London without stopping, this would take around 74 hours. However, you’re likely to stop for breaks in between – so if you were averaging at 8 hours of cruising a day, this would take you 9 days. Travelling to London from Birmingham, and vice versa, can be achieved by using the Grand Union Canal – which is the longest canal in the UK...

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What are the different types of narrowboat berths?

Interested in booking a canal boat holiday, but wondering how many berth you would need? Our guide to canal boat berths has you covered. From what a narrowboat berth is to what berth would be suited to your canal boat holiday, learn what the different types of narrowboat berth are now. What is a canal boat berth? A berth typically refers to a fixed bunk which is typically used for sleeping. A sl...

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Best canal boat holidays for beginners in the UK

If it’s your first time boating and perhaps you’re a little apprehensive – don’t worry. Here at ABC Boat Hire, we’ve devised a list of the best canal boat holidays for beginners. These involve canal routes which don’t have too many locks to navigate and are often quieter destinations – allowing you to get to grips with your narrowboat. Best canal routes for beginners UK So, which are the best ca...

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What is an aqueduct? Guide to UK aqueducts

Wondering how aqueducts work, or what the purpose of one is? Or perhaps you’re more interested in learning what the longest aqueduct in England is, or who invented aqueducts? Our ultimate guide has you covered. What is an aqueduct? Aqueducts, often found on canals, are structures which are used to conduct water across a valley, or a hollow. By using gravity to keep the water moving, aqueducts ar...

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The Top UK Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit

From Bridgerton and The Holiday, to Game of Thrones and His Dark Materials, many of your favourite shows have been filmed right here in the UK.  What’s more you can visit their filming locations with ease during your canal boat hire: Ardverikie House - The Crown This stunning house in the Scottish Highlands has provided the backdrop for external shots of Balmoral in every season of Netflix’...

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How to live on a canal boat

Considering living on a canal boat with family, a loved one or perhaps solo? Read up on our ultimate guide on how to live on a canal boat now – and consider whether living aboard is the right option for you, or whether multiple canal boat holidays instead would satisfy the inner waterway craving inside you! Costs of living on a canal boat Firstly, it’s important to consider the cost implications...

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How much fuel does a narrowboat use?

In the UK, the typical fuel consumption of a canal boat is around 1 litre per hour of cruising. Narrowboat fuel tanks can typically hold 200 litres of fuel – however, this varies from boat to boat, depending on size of the narrowboat and more factors. Learn more about the different types of narrowboats you can hire. Narrowboat fuel costs The fuel costs you’re likely to spend on your canal boat d...

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