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Header photo credit: Canal & River Trust

How much fuel does a narrowboat use?

In the UK, the typical fuel consumption of a canal boat is around 1 litre per hour of cruising. Narrowboat fuel tanks can typically hold 200 litres of fuel – however, this varies from boat to boat, depending on size of the narrowboat and more factors. Learn more about the different types of narrowboats you can hire. Narrowboat fuel costs The fuel costs you’re likely to spend on your canal boat d...

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What boats are allowed on canals?

We’ve all been on a walk along the canal and watched the canal boats sail peacefully by, envying the passengers as they drift along in their floating homes. But did you know, there are more exciting ways to float along the waterways than just the traditional narrowboat? From rowing boats to paddleboards, this extensive list should help you enjoy canals in a way you never have before. Types of boa...

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Living on a canal boat vs hiring a canal boat

When asked to picture the life of someone who lives on a canal boat, many would imagine a generally much slower pace of life. Perhaps they imagine being close to nature and the leisurely life of floating down the canals of Birmingham or Cambridge. Or maybe they envision floating to the pub every weekend for Sunday dinner and drinks with friends. Either way, the imagined lifestyle is one of peacefu...

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UK holiday ideas with babies

Looking for a family adventure for your next summer holiday? It’s often hard to choose a destination which will suit both babies and toddlers, as well as older children. Whether you’re staying close to home on more of a staycation or looking to venture further afield, find out some of the best ideas for holidays with young children from our detailed guide. Ideas for holidays with young children...

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Great Canal Journeys

Channel 4 welcome’s back its popular boating programme, Great Canal Journeys, to screens this November. This year, the waterways are explored by brand new boaters – Sheila Hancock and Gyles Brandreth – who embark on spectacular canal journeys across Britain. Episode 1, titled as ‘London’s Waterways’, showed Sheila and Gyles exploring the upper reaches of the River Thames – a paradise of unspoiled...

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Winter boating

best canals in uk

Living on a canal boat in winter and want some tips? Or perhaps you’re thinking about embarking on a winter canal boat holiday? Our guide to winter boating has you covered – from what to consider when you’re cruising on the waterways, to how to keep warm and safe aboard your mobile home. Cruising considerations Boating in the winter still follows all of the rules you’d abide by any other time of...

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Boating at night

Can you drive a canal boat at night? If you own a canal boat, it is not illegal to drive your canal boat in the dark – however, if you are renting from a canal boat supplier, such as ABC Boat Hire, these hire boats are not permitted to be driven at night. Here at ABC Boat Hire, our boating hours are from dawn to dusk – meaning that these times change throughout the year, depending on what time...

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How deep are canals in the UK

The average UK canal depth varies from canal to canal, and lock to lock. However, most of the UK’s canals were initially constructed to take fully-laden freight carrying vessels of six-foot draft – as, originally, canal boats were in fact horse-drawn. Learn more about the history of canal boats in the UK from our detailed guide. Although the depth of canals varies throughout the nation, there are...

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Can I moor my canal boat anywhere?

When you’re travelling by canal, or on a canal boat holiday, you might be wondering where you can moor your canal boat. Most visitor moorings on canals and rivers governed by the Canal & River Trust are often free of charge. You are permitted to moor almost anywhere alongside canal towpaths for no fee, as long as you are not causing an obstruction to the waterway. However, there may be certain pr...

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How far can a canal boat travel?

If you’re looking for your next, or even your first, canal boat holiday, you may be wondering how far a canal boat can travel, and how fast it can travel. All of our canal boat holidays include a daily cruising time, as well as a recommended number of nights it will take to complete the route – but for more information on canal boat travel, our detailed guide has you covered. How far can you trav...

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