A guide to dog friendly canal boat holidays UK

22nd May 2024

Looking to plan a trip along the waterways but unsure whether you can bring your dog too? The answer is yes. Here at ABC Boat Hire, dogs go free!

Learn everything you need to know about dog friendly canal boat holidays from our detailed guide today.


Dog friendly canal boat holidays with ABC Boat Hire


We love dogs just as much as we love our boats. That’s why we know the importance of including your beloved dog with you on any family holiday, after all, they are part of the family.

All that we ask is that you note any canine companions joining you, onto the booking form and ensure that the boat is returned in the same condition as you first set off.

It’s also important to remember that we reserve the right to refuse pets or charge any additional costs such as repair or cleaning fees, as a direct result of pets on board during your holiday.


What to pack for your dog friendly canal boat holiday


To ensure both your dog and the whole family makes the most out of their trip away, it’s important to ensure your dog feels right at home. What’s a better way to remind them of home comforts than with their favourite things?

Here’s what we recommend you bring along with you:


What to know when bringing your dog on a canal boat holiday


When you’re away on your dog friendly holiday, it’s important to remember that there may be some training or guidance required on what they can or can’t do around the canal.

Although the canal walkways are great for walks down the towpath and fresh air for them to enjoy, ensuring your dog is well behaved or trained at all times is important for you and other boaters to have an ideal holiday on the water.

Here are some canal boating with dogs tips for you to be aware of:


Travelling with your dog for a canal boat holiday


And of course, travelling doesn’t just mean by water - you’ll be driving by car to reach the destination of the marina or your new canal boat home for the holiday.

If your dog suffers from travel or motion sickness, or this is your first time taking your canine companion with you on your travels, we suggest the following:


Need more information on our pet friendly canal boat holidays? Take a look at our guide on weekend breaks with dogs in the UK. Alternatively, get in touch with us today where our friendly team will be happy to help with any further questions.



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