Guide to UK marinas

26th May 2021

Interested in booking your next canal boat holiday? Or perhaps you’re considering living on a canal boat? Find out exactly what a canal boat marina is, and what you can expect to find there – including services such as plumbing, fuel, gas, water and more!

What is a marina?

A marina is a specifically designed harbour with moorings for boats. A canal marina is a common staple on the British waterways – usually home to moored canal boats, a range of useful services, as well as food and drink facilities, such as cafes and pubs.

In addition to being able to moor your canal boat at these marinas, the range of services you may expect to find at a marina include:


Canal boat marinas are also likely to provide a range of other services in order to keep canal boats’ maintenance in tip-top shape:


List of canal boat marinas

Here at ABC, we have a number of canal marinas in the UK across England and Wales. A full list of our canal boat marinas is below:




Interested in booking your next canal boat holiday from one of our UK marinas? Get in touch with a member of our expert team to find the perfect canal route today.

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