5 reasons to go on a canal boat holiday

28th May 2019

Wondering where to go on holiday with the kids? The best family holidays can often take place closer to home. With a canal boat holiday, you can experience the beautiful English countryside; glide across the canal waters in your second home and spend quality time together either as a family, a couple or a group of friends. Learn why a canal boat holiday is the perfect choice for your next trip away.

Family boat holidays

1. Keeps the kids entertained

Firstly, if you’re searching for where to go on a family holiday, it must be somewhere that is child-friendly, and somewhere that the whole family will enjoy. With a canal boat holiday, there’s plenty to do on board to keep the kids interested – and so much to explore outside the boat, providing them with a fun-filled holiday and memories that will last a lifetime.

Plus, the excitement of a second home that’s afloat on the water is an exciting concept! For many little ones, this is all new and exhilarating – so allow them to be as involved as they can be in the boating process. The prospect of sleeping on the water, or having their home on a moving vehicle, may be something they’ve not experienced before – and something they’ll marvel in!

2. Teamwork

What better way to create a family bonding experience than with everyone clubbing together to help on a canal boat? With lots of jobs to do such as checking everyone’s on board, coiling up the ropes neatly and ensuring the equipment is stowed away safely, the whole family or group can get involved – making the logistics of canal boating an enjoyable experience for everyone.

And even if the little ones can’t get involved in the physical stuff, why not let them help out in the kitchen? With your very own fully supplied kitchen on board, you can create a family meal which you can either enjoy around the table, or outside on the towpath while moored up for the evening. Working together as a team allows for a feeling of camaraderie with the canal boat providing lots of responsibility, but also the prospect of a great adventure ahead.

3. Try something different

Never been on a canal boat holiday before? Even better – new experiences make holidays more memorable. From learning how to operate the canal boat to packing up all your belongings to bring on board, the boating holiday process will be something different for the whole family to try.

If you’ve decided to choose a canal boat for your next holiday, don’t worry – it’s all very straight forward! As part of the handover process with your new canal boat, we will guide you through the first stages on board, as well as taking you through the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of canal cruising.

4. Have your own space

With a canal boat, you have the whole boat to yourselves – and the freedom to move it whenever you want. With your second home also as your method of transportation, find a lot of your holiday catered for in one barge - and with less limitations than that of a hotel, or a tent. Simply take to the water and enjoy having a space that’s totally yours to relax in on your holiday.

And if you want some space away from the boat, simply moor it up and explore the local area. With an array of canal-side pubs, restaurants and activities to take part in, there’s always plenty to do on a narrowboat holiday!

5. Bring along your furry friends

It can be sad to leave behind our pets when we go away on holiday. But with a family boat holiday, you don’t have to! Bring your canine companions on board and let them lap up the excitement of the canal. With plenty of fresh air, new smells and room to run, moor up your canal boat and explore the countryside with plenty of dog walks to do.

And on a canal boat holiday with ABC Boat Hire, the first pet goes free! Any additional pets are £30 each extra, but there is normally a maximum of 2 pets per boat. Find out more about our pet friendly holidays today and let the whole family enjoy a canal boat experience together.

Ready to book your own canal boat holiday? We have a selection of boats to choose from – ranging from two berth to twelve berth boats. Find the perfect boating holiday for the family, you and your partner or a group trip today from ABC Boat Hire.

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