A guide to narrowboats with a baby

14th September 2022

Looking at booking your first family break with a new baby? If you’re researching holiday ideas with babies, you might be wondering what preparations you’ll need to take before you go away, or you might just be wondering if a narrowboat holiday is suitable for a baby. In this helpful guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about travelling on a narrowboat with a baby.    

Can you take a baby on a narrowboat?

In short – yes. You can take a baby on a narrowboat and there are plenty of reasons why booking a narrowboat holiday with a baby would be a great option for a getaway in the UK. But, there are also some important points to be aware of when taking a baby on a narrowboat, especially if it’s for the first time.

Considerations when booking a narrowboat break with a baby

Whilst a narrowboat holiday is both a relaxing and rewarding choice, there are a couple of important details to take note of when taking your baby on a narrowboat break. These include:

A narrowboat holiday can be an enjoyable break for young families as long as you take in these considerations and follow the safety requirements.

Benefits of taking a baby on a narrowboat baby

Taking your baby on the waterways on holiday, in our opinion, is a sure way of creating memories you’ll treasure forever. Some of the reasons for taking your baby on a narrowboat holiday could include:

If you’re looking at booking your next family holiday, we have you covered with a wide range of canal routes available. We also have a guide for kid-friendly routes for children of all ages. For more information about boating with babies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team today.

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