Guide to canal boat day trips in the UK

11th February 2022

Fancy a trip out on the waterways, but perhaps you’re not too keen on staying the night on a narrowboat? A canal boat day trip is the perfect option for you. Combining the benefits of canal boat holidays with the flexibility of returning back to your own home at the end of the day, day boat trips make for a special day out with loved ones – and are perfect for a special occasion.

ABC Day Boat Hire provides canal boat hire for the day from a number of locations. This guide will highlight everything you need to know before booking your canal boat day trip with ABC.

How to plan a canal boat day trip

Choose your location

You may have a specific location in mind, or you may be in need of some waterway inspiration – either way, ABC Boat Hire can help. With locations scattered around both England and Wales, you can choose your location by a number of components:


Choose your narrowboat

Deciding how many people will be attending the canal boat day trip will determine what size narrowboat you will take out on the waters. For example, Here at ABC Boat Hire, our Day Boat Hire services provide the following boats:


What to know before

You might have some questions before you set off – for example, you might want to know how to operate canal locks, how fast the boat can go and what you should bring with you. All your questions can be answered in our handy FAQs section – but feel free to contact a member of our friendly team if your question is not answered.

Driving a canal boat

Some people often find that driving the canal boat on a day trip can be daunting – but don’t fear. With our friendly staff to help instruct you before you set off, and handy material such as our guide on driving a canal boat, you’re in safe hands for your narrowboat day trip.

How to book

To book your canal boat day trip with ABC, book online at ABC Day Boat Hire. You can also call one of our friendly advisers on the central office number: 0330 333 0590, or you can contact the marina directly.

Perhaps you fancy something a little longer than a day trip on the waterways? Here at ABC Boat Hire, we have a number of both short and longer routes to choose from – find the perfect location and commence cruising now.

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