Top 5 tips for booking canal boat holidays

7th May 2021

Looking to book your next narrowboat holiday, but wondering what you should consider before you embark? From preparing your route to respecting others on the canal, find our top 5 tips to help you comply with canal boat etiquette, moor safely and properly and, of course, how to drive your canal boat.

5 Tips for narrowboat holidays

1. Prepare for your trip beforehand

One of the most important tips to know before your canal boat holiday is to be prepared. This includes:


2. Carefully choose your canal boat crew

Travelling by narrowboat has many advantages, but it’s fair to say that living on a canal boat is likely going to be pretty cosy – so it’s important to be comfortable with the people you’re sharing the boat with. The crew will also need to prepared to get stuck in and help out with boating and understand what each person’s role is on the narrowboat before you set off!

3. Respect others on the canal

Respecting canal boat etiquette is important while on your narrowboat holiday. Some of the ways to do that can include:


4. Driving the canal boat

Often, especially if you’re a beginner to canal boat holidays, driving the canal boat can take some getting used to. It might be worth brushing up on your skills of how to drive a canal boat, so you are prepared to embark on your journey across the waters.

5. Mooring your narrowboat

Often, newcomers to narrowboats query where you can moor your canal boat – and if a fee is associated with mooring. That’s why we’ve put together a detailed guide on canal mooring FAQs – highlighting how to moor a canal boat, where you shouldn’t moor your canal boat, mooring fees explained and many more.

In general, there is usually no fee for mooring – you are permitted to moor almost anywhere alongside the canal for no fee. However, privately owned sites such as the River Thames will have their owning mooring policies. Read our canal boat mooring FAQs guide now for top tips.

For any more information on canal tips for your next narrowboat holiday, get in touch with a member of our friendly team now at ABC Boat Hire.

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