Top Peaky Blinders filming locations

30th September 2019

Back on our screens for the fifth season, Peaky Blinders is a national sensation and iconic series which has captured not only the hearts of the Brummies, but the entire country. This hit television show is also now recognised internationally in some countries, putting Birmingham and the Black Country right on the map.

So, when visiting Birmingham, where are the best places to see Peaky Blinders filming locations? From travelling via canal boat to visiting the Black Country Living Museum, Birmingham can offer a lot for a Peaky fan! Learn the best Peaky Blinders locations to visit today from our helpful guide.

Peaky Blinders filming locations

One of the main attractions in Birmingham for those looking for the location of Peaky Blinders is the Black Country Living Museum (BCLM).

The BCLM attracts hundreds of visitors every year. Yet, with the continuation of the hit series dominating our television screens, it’s no surprise that the museum has become ever-increasingly popular for Peaky fans. Steven Knight, writer and creator of the series, is known to have called it the “home of Peaky Blinders”.

Where is Peaky Blinders set?

With various scenes from the show throughout all five episodes filmed here, visitors who are looking for Peaky Blinders set locations can walk in in the shoes of the Shelby’s when visiting the museum. Knight also claimed, “We try to start the filming here at the BCLM as it gets everyone in the mood, it gets everyone in the spirit of the time.” The BCLM is also known for the venue for Charlie Strong’s Scrap Metal yard, which is a frequent retreat for the Shelby’s in the episodes.

For more information on which areas of the museum were used as filming location, find out more about the Black Country Living Museum now. You can also reach this location of Peaky Blinders by narrowboat – when on one of our canal boat holidays, take a trip along the waters on our Black Country Ring route.

Birmingham Peaky Blinders locations

Want a little bit more? There are also Peaky Blinders tours that you can take part in. Start off at The Old Crown on Deritend High Street in Digbeth – known as being the oldest building in Birmingham. Here you can drink and relax before the tour begins, on which you will venture back in time to the 1890s and early 1900s around the city centre of Birmingham, as well as being able to have a Victorian dining experience.

Best way to visit Peaky Blinders locations

Peaky Blinders canals

To be able to get around the city and truly immerse yourself in the Peaky Blinders set locations, the best way to do this is by canal boat. As any Peaky fan will be aware, there is ample mention of the Peaky Blinders’ canals within the show – and the characters are often seen going off to visit other cities by canal or transporting goods across the waterways.

With a canal boat holiday, not only will you be able to visit Peaky Blinder hotspots around the city and journey back in time at the BCLM, but you’ll be able to experience the authenticity of cruising on the waters of the canals, too, like a true Shelby. With ample Birmingham routes to choose from, explore our wide selection of narrowboats at ABC Boat Hire.

For more information on any of the Peaky Blinders locations to visit by canal boat, or simply want to know more about our narrowboat holidays, get in touch with a member of our expert team today at ABC Boat Hire.

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