Top routes for canal boat overnight stays

1st November 2021

Hop on a canal boat this weekend and discover a wide range of scenic routes across the UK. With our narrowboat overnight stays, you can explore the picturesque sights of Falkirk and get lost in the leafiness of the countryside. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can delve into the hustle and bustle of our Birmingham route and glide peacefully out of Alvechurch Marina. Read through our recommendations and find the perfect British narrowboat holiday for you.

1. Birmingham & Return from Alvechurch Marina

Embark on this historic journey through Birmingham collecting your boat from the tranquil Alvechurch Marina. On this route, you can see Birmingham’s rich cultural heritage such as Cadbury world - bound to fulfil any chocolate lover’s wildest dreams. You will also find a versatile range of activities from the botanical gardens of Edgbaston to the bustling bars of Brindley Place. This canal boat holiday is perfect for those who want a jam-packed weekend stay.

2. Edinburgh & Return from Falkirk

On this route, you can experience the world’s only rotating boat lift - the Falkirk Wheel – which can elevate a boat over 35 meters high, allowing boats to sail through the sky. This masterwork of engineering is just the beginning of this route. You will also come across the Roman Antonine Wall - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the quaint Linlithgow; which is the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots.

3. Llangollen & Return from Blackwater Meadow Marina

On the Llangollen route, you can marvel at the impressive aqueduct constructed in the 1800s by Thomas Telford and William Jessop. Sailing on this industrial beauty is not for those who fear heights – as these canal boats are said to defy gravity. Can narrowboats really fly?

Aside from this stupendous creation, this journey will also treat you to the charming Welsh countryside.

4. River Weaver via Anderton Boat Lift & Return from Anderton Marina

The Anderton Boat lift will have you in awe – as this lift can raise two boats at a time. On this canal ride, you can delve into the industrial charm of Cheshire’s salt region or bask in the scenic wildlife.

If you are looking for the best of both history and nature, this route is perfect for you.

5. Bath & Return from Hilperton Marina

Take this scenic journey to discover the distinctive mix of architecture and wildlife as you sail on down to the charismatic city of Bath. You will be mesmerised by the beautiful stone buildings and the historic enclaves of this route, as you experience the multifaceted nature of Medieval Tithe Barn which is encircled by galleries, art studios, shops, and a tearoom. Pass through high valleys and admire the stunning Georgian buildings on your travels.  

The variety of these narrowboat overnight stays are enough to entice anyone – browse through our diverse range of canal boat weekends to find the perfect route for you. Alternatively, if you would like to get on board one of these canal boat overnight stays, get in touch with us to plan your next weekend away.

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