What are the different types of narrowboat berths?

4th March 2021

Interested in booking a canal boat holiday, but wondering how many berth you would need? Our guide to canal boat berths has you covered. From what a narrowboat berth is to what berth would be suited to your canal boat holiday, learn what the different types of narrowboat berth are now.

What is a canal boat berth?

A berth typically refers to a fixed bunk which is typically used for sleeping. A sleeping berth can be described as a bed or sleeping accommodation on vehicles – including narrowboats – but this can also refer to trains, boats, ships or other modes of transport.

Regarding canal boats, the size of the berth of the boat indicates how many people the boat would accommodate. For example, an up to twelve berth canal boat would have the space for 12 people to stay on – which is typically used for a multi-family boating holiday, or a big celebration.

Different types of canal boat berth

Here at ABC Boat Hire, we have a variety of narrowboats offering different numbers of berths:


For more information about our canal boat berth options, explore our range of canal boats from ABC now. Find out more about the types of boats that are allowed on canals from our guide, or book your next canal boat holiday now.

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