Holidays for older couples

1st March 2024

For many elderly couples, the idea of trave long distances on a plane can be daunting. Especially if you’re not as mobile as you once were. That being said, you may still want to experience a nice little getaway.

A narrowboat holiday may be just what you are looking for. But will it require a lot of work? And is there disability access? Learn everything you need to know in our helpful guide.

Will I have to drive the narrowboat?

When you hire a narrowboat, you need to be prepared for driving it – which does require a little physical work. However, this is not too strenuous so most people who are relatively active will be perfectly capable of this

For those looking for a much more relaxed option, will be ideal. A route offers a scenic, peaceful cruise without having to navigate through any locks.

Try a Hotel Boat

For those who would rather not have to drive the canal boat themselves, there are Hotel Boats available. Think of a Hotel Boat as a floating hotel, where there is an entire crew to drive the boat and cater needs. Offering the same level of service you would expect at a hotel, just on the water.

Not only does this mean you’ll have more time to relax, depending on the size of the narrowboat hotel you choose, you’ll know exactly how many other guests you’ll be sharing with. This could with up to 12 people. So, if you have any other friends of family keen on a narrowboat holiday, you could share a Hotel Boat experience with them.

What is accessibility like?

As most narrowboats are restricted in space, navigating the inside may be more challenging for wheelchair users. However, some larger boats or Hotel Boats offers better access for people with restricted mobility.

We recommend you check the size of the narrowboat you are looking to hire before your getaway, and stress that wheelchair access is essential when booking by telephone. ABC Boat Hire, we do not currently have disabled access for any of our fleets available for short breaks or weekly hire. However, we offer disabled access for day boat hire in service at Goytre. For more detailed information about accessibility with ABC Boat Hire, read more here.

Why choose a canal boat holiday

Discover the perfect canal boat holiday for you, with our wide selection of canals routes and boats for you to explore. Find canal boat route planning easy, when you book your trip with ABC Boat Hire, simply contact us today for more information.








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