Boating on a budget

2nd February 2024

Looking for a budget holiday away? Whether it’s taking a trip with the whole family, a romantic retreat for two or a group holiday with friends - it’s helpful to know the best tips and tricks to ensure you stay on budget.

That’s why canal boating on a budget is the perfect way to create a unique holiday for all to enjoy while keeping costs low. Find out more about how budget canal boat holidays can save you money on your next holiday!

boating on a budget

So, why should you choose a canal boat holiday when you’re on a budget?

If you’re camping or caravanning, or even staying in a hotel -  entertainment will need to be found during the day,  and you’re more grounded to one location. However, on a canal boat holiday, your accommodation is your transportation. Moving you from one canal to another, taking in the scenery and working the locks as you go. There’s less need for extra money to be spent on   whilst you’re on your holiday because being on a narrowboat is an experience in itself.


boating on a budget

As well as this, with your own fully equipped kitchen area, the boats are fully prepared for self-catering. Bring snacks from home and load up the car or tailor what food and drinks you buy yourself by popping to a local supermarket and keep all of your goodies on board with you in your mobile home.

And travel to and from the boat? Drive to your local base and park up for free in one of our many locations. No need to spend money on parking, or transportation fees – such as airport transfers or airfares. With a canal boat holiday, the costs are kept low. Other canal boat tips and tricks to stick to your budget include:

Canal boat share

canal boat share

Another great way to save money on your canal boat holiday is bunking up with another family, or another couple. When you share the cost of a canal boat holiday between two families, it’s a great way to save some cash – and it can often provide a great family bonding experience both for the parents and the kids. We recommend a shared boating trip for families who have children of similar ages or adults with similar interests, to really make the most of your boating holiday and all the sights to see!

The cost of the boat will be the same regardless of how many people are on board – so it makes sense to share the load.

Off-peak canal boating

Wanting to avoid the summertime rush? Prices increase in the more popular months – so why not book a cheap narrowboat holiday in March or October instead?

As these are less popular months and aren’t always going to bring in the ever-reliable British sunshine, cruising during these months costs you less money for your canal boat holiday – making it a great way to boat on a budget. This is a great time to take a short break on one of our many routes.

Keeping costs down for pets

holidays for pets

No need to splash  out on putting your beloved pets in the kennels. Onboard one of our ABC Boat Hire boats, pets go free!

Find out more information about our pet-friendly holidays online now.

Cheap narrowboat holiday deals

When you book your budget holiday with ABC Boat Hire, there are canal boat deals and offers that will make your boating on a budget that little bit easier. Such as:


Want to know more about our canal boat holidays or our canal boatsGet in touch with a member of our expert team who can help you plan your boating on a budget holiday today.

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